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Meet the Photographer

About me:
“My name is Annie Nguyen and I am a Bay Area based boudoir photographer. With experience in capturing different styles of photography from weddings to editorials, I have found my true passion and interest in body empowerment through boudoir photography.

Why I shoot boudoir:
“In this day and age, it has become so easy to compare yourself to what is reflected on social media and you end up losing your sense of identity. Doing boudoir photography enables me the chance to provide more than just words but rather a chance to capture and show individuals their beauty, strength, and worth. It is truly rewarding to seeing individuals leaving their shoot  bringing tears of joy and excitement when my clients get to see their beautiful images.”

Why wait any longer? Own your confidence
Boudoir is an amazing experience where you get to express who you are in the most intimate way. There are no boundaries when it comes to boudoir. Show off who you are and portray your fun, sexy, romantic, silly or anything-in-between self that you’re not able to put into words. You’ve already come this far and now it’s time to take the leap. You are worth it and deserve this lifetime experience. Time to stop hiding your beauty that is tucked underneath the surface.

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