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Boudoir Photography Shoot: What to Expect

Boudoir Photography Introduction

You are about to embark on an adventure that will redefine your body image. From the initial call for session details, you have spent hours thinking of outfits and poses for this day. You know it is important to be mentally ready before showing up at the studio, but what does that really mean? This post will cover all of the mental prep necessary for a successful boudoir shoot with some physical prep tips too!

Before you even call to book your session, think about what type of shoot you want. What do YOU envision? Are there specific styles/poses that immediately come to mind when thinking of boudoir photos? If so, let the photographer know on your initial phone conversation. I can’t tell you how many times clients have called me an hour before their session wanting to switch the location, outfits, or poses. This is very frustrating for both parties!

Begin your mental prep-work well in advance of when you plan on booking a boudoir shoot and start with what YOU want out of it. There are so many options available whether you just want some intimate photos that provide yourself with confidence boosts later down the road or if this will be an experience shared between two people (i.e., anniversary gift). Talk about who you would like to present them to – spouse? significant other? friends? Keep in mind which relationships matter most and brainstorm ways they can help play into your day as well! The more honest and comfortable we feel during our time together at the shoot, the better you will feel when it comes time to reveal your images.

Bring a Few Outfits that Work for YOUR Body.

Bring a few outfits that work for YOUR body. If you have been working out or eating well lately then bring those outfits! However if not maybe look into some Spanx type of products to help with certain areas. Also consider bringing an outfit in which makes YOU feel like a million bucks!

Get Mentally Prepared Beyond the Physical Aspect

At Boudoir by ANP, photographer Annie Nguyen will guide you to find the perfect poses, but you can prepare yourself mentally by practicing a few on your own prior to the shoot. This is a great way to get used to the camera and feel comfortable in front of it!

Most importantly, discuss everything with your boudoir photographer so that he or she feels confident in creating an environment where you are most comfortable.

Remember your End Goal to do a Boudoir Photography

Most importantly consider who matters most to you and why they matter so much? What message do you want them to receive from these images? Why does it mean that much for this person or people to see those photos? Have a conversation about what wearing lingerie means – it’s not about sex, it’s about celebrating yourself and feeling good.


Boudoir photography is an incredible opportunity to create beautiful images that express your sensuality and confidence. Most importantly, I want you to feel safe, comfortable, sexy and empowered! The more time we spend together before the day of our session will translate into gorgeous photos because it allows us both an opportunity for creative collaboration; empowering me as the photographer while allowing yourself to be completely vulnerable in front of my camera. We can laugh at ourselves (you might find out how loud i squeal when I’m excited) or enjoy some wine – whatever makes you most relaxed with getting ready

I hope you found this blog post helpful! If so please like and share the article to tell friends and family who might also be interested in a Boudoir Photoshoot! You can also book me for a session here!

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