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What Is Boudoir Photography?

Boudoir photography is a type of photography that accentuates what is usually considered to be immodest or private aspects of the human physique. Boudoir images are intended to reflect what is considered sensual, intimate, and highly feminine. The term “boudoir” does not refer solely to what’s worn in the bedroom, but what’s worn throughout the house, what one wears while getting ready for a night on the town, what one wears when relaxing at home—in short, everything that sets the mood for sexiness.

A Brief History

Boudoir photography originated in the mid-1800s when the French aristocracy would have glamour photographs taken of themselves. The genre was called “art nudes” or “French postcards.” Centuries later, these photos evolved into what we now know as boudoir photography. It was popularized in modern times by the Italian fashion photographer Mariano Vivanco, who published a book of boudoir images called The Boudoir Bible. Currently, there is no set definition on what defines “boudoir photography,” although generally it is considered to be artistic nude or sensual photos that are taken with a very classy and elegant feel.

Boudoir Photography Today

Boudoir can mean many things for different people: from intimate photos shared between lovers as an expression of love, to empowering images done solo, or with friends before going out for a night on the town! It’s all about what you’re comfortable with – if you want more clothed shots then go for it! If you want a little less clothing then that’s great too. Boudoir is what you make it – what makes you feel confident and sexy!

Boudoir Photography Tips

Pick out lingerie, clothes, or makeup specifically for your shoot; this way everything will coordinate nicely in the photos. If possible, consult with professional boudoir photography to get guidance on finding the right style for your shoot.

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