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Why You Should Definitely Consider a Bridal Boudoir Photography Shoot

Bridal Boudoir photography is a type of wedding photography that has been gaining popularity in recent years, and it’s easy to see why. It’s a great way for the bride-to-be to celebrate her body before she gives up some control over it to her partner for the rest of their lives! In this blog post, I’ll break down what boudoir photography is all about and how you can get started if you’re interested.

What is Bridal Boudoir Photography?

Boudoir photographs have remained a popular choice among to-be-weds. It’s most common among brides, but grooms and even couples who want to get married are choosing to pose for sensual photographs. But exactly what is bridal boudoir photography? Boudoir photography is a bridal photoshoot that’s shot in an artistic, sexy style. During the bridal boudoir session, both brides and grooms are photographed wearing lingerie (or less!), which makes for some stunningly intimate shots. The photos can be used as gifts to commemorate your wedding day or simply brag about how good you look!

How Do I Get Started With a Bridal Boudoir Shoot?

First, brides should look into bridal boudoir photographers in their area. Prices vary by region and experience level of the photographer—you can expect to pay between $400-800 for a bridal session. Next, you’ll need to decide what kind of shoot you want: solo shots are popular with brides who don’t have bridal parties, whereas brides with bridal party members will often have a mix of group shots and solo photos.

Once you’ve decided on the details, it’s time to start planning outfits! You’ll want a special outfit just for your bridal shoot—something that compliments your personality and fits in with where you’re going to take

When Should I Schedule a Bridal Boudoir Photoshoot?

Before Your Wedding

You can schedule a bridal shoot before or after your wedding. It’s a great idea to do bridal boudoir photos before your big day, for many reasons including a lovely gift for the soon-to-be husband.

During your Honeymoon

Another great time to schedule a bridal boudoir photo shoot is during your honeymoon! Take advantage of the beautiful tropical destination you’re traveling to and snap some amazing photos that will make for easy #honeyfie decor later on.

After Your Wedding

Many brides choose to schedule bridal shoots after their wedding ceremony and reception—you’ll be relaxed and happy in the photos.

What do I wear for a Bridal Photoshoot?

You can book bridal shoots with one or many outfits. We recommend two looks minimum—one casual and one formal.

Once you’ve decided how dressy your shoot will be, it’s time to start thinking about location! A great bridal photoshoot should include three key elements: an outfit change (or two), some gorgeous natural light filtering in through windows/doors, and just enough props to create interest without distracting from all that beauty. Remember that if you pose provocatively but don’t show too much skin then bridal boudoir photos can be a great bridal gift for your groom too.

Do you have any tips for first-timers?

Remember that part of what makes brides feel beautiful is being confident and owning their sexuality—so don’t hold back from making sexy faces or positions just because they’re not “socially acceptable” at other times! Boudoir photography isn’t about showing off perfect bodies — it’s about brides showing off their personalities and having fun with it.

Are you in the San Jose Bay Area? Book a bridal photoshoot shoot with us now.


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